Saving New Yorkers’ sanity, one sofa at a time

There isnt any new project planned for next year, Kosslick declared. The only new project we could have although it is not 100% certain is that the Zoopalast would ready. Well be back on board if it is, with the title Im Westen was Neues [an allusion to Erich Maria Remarques war novel All Quiet on the Western Front which could be reworked here as Something New In the West]. I think it would be good for Generation to go back to the Zoopalast because it was always a good location for the kids.
Full text best bedroom furniture in houston is here: Kosslick to “godfather” SOFA training; Berlinale 2014 update

He and his crew of four dismantle three to four couches a day on a good week. Their biggest challenge was taking apart a custom-made 144-inch couch and putting it back together. “Now that was something,” the Doc said. Giangrande, 37, started in the furniture business delivering couches for Castro Convertible.
Full text is here: Saving New Yorkers’ sanity, one sofa at a time


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